Michaele Jordan, Novelist
Not the basketball player!

More the scholarly type!

        lady with pen


Jocasta and the Indians is done!
It's making the rounds now!

I'm sure it will be picked up soon
- it's so exciting!

And don't forget to check out
Immortality Serum
In SciPhi Journal
Plus, I'll be blogging at
Buzzy Mag!

There's more coming!

Metaphysical Circus will bring you
The Pretty Child
in See the Elephant,

And Locked in will be in
the Septemberissue of Another Realm!

There are more! Why not look them up?


What? You'd like to know more?

Michaele Jordan was:

Born in Los Angeles
Bred in the Midwest.
Educated in Liberal Arts
      at Bard College
And in computers
     at Southern Ohio College

She has worked at a kennel
      and a Hebrew School
      and AT&T.
She's a bit odd.

Now she writes.

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Things to See Here

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        Mirror Maze

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        Blade Light

Here are the links to all the
        Short Stories

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something I wrote?
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Would you like to get to
know me better? Here's
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I don't just write.
Here are some
        Things I've Made

So what do you think?
Really! I want to know.
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Check it out!

Mirror Maze

In stock at Amazon
And local bookstores.

Mirror Maze
Got a really cool review in
Shiny Book Review


Her previous novel,
Blade Light,

blade light

A charming traditional quest story,
was serialized in Jim Baen's Universe.
and is now available as an ebook at Amazon
or at iBooks

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