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Michaele Jordan Presents


Blade Light

A pretty young magician finds herself the unwilling focus of plots and politics,
and the master sorcerer who could save her has disappeared!

Suitable for young adults--Exciting enough for anyone.

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Amazon and at iBooks!

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blade light

Chapter 1
(55 minutes)
We meet Tuck who shows us around the city of Bar-Jahnek, during the Great Festival of the goddess Hertha. We also discover little Dreysa, who has a talent for magic.
Chapter 2
(29 minutes)
Dreysa is apprenticed to the famous sorcerer, Zhravig, but she doesn't seem to have learned much magic. However, the Assassin Vhulf doesn't know that! He waylays Dreysa with the worst of intentions.
Chapter 3
(28 minutes)
Dreysa is rescued by Tuck, who learns there are some ugly intrigues swirling around Zhravig and the Temple, intrigues in which even Vhulf is only a junior player.
Chapters 4 & 5
(43 minutes together)
Dreysa learns some magic at last--earth magic. The lesson is difficult. Meanwhile Vhulf goes home. Home is pretty exotic; it turns out he's the son of the Danaan. But he isn't there to visit with family. He is reporting to the sorcerer Asmod.
Chapter 6
(36 minutes)
Tensions between the Assassin's Guild and the Temple erupt into violence. Much water magic is required to heal the wounded. Vhulf meets with Mother Sophya to negotiate an uneasy truce.
Chapter 7
(36 minutes)
Tuck is living the high life while the dialogue between the Assassin's Guild and the Temple is bearing strange fruit. When Tuck and Aryanu meet again at long last, she warns him of Asmod's designs--and Dreysa's destiny
Chapters 8 & 9
(38 minutes together)
We find Vhulf spying on Zhravig for Asmod while Dreysa pays a terrible price to learn fire magic. Tuck discovers that even a fortune doesn't last for ever, which makes him easy prey for Assassins.
Chapters 10 & 11
(41 minutes together)
Asmod sends his servant Aniya to confront Zhravig, while Assassins find their way into the caves. Dreysa and the bandywight flee into the tunnels.
Chapter 12
(22 minutes)
Dreysa and the bandywight make their way Temple, where they meet Tuck. But he only wants to get back out of the Temple! Dreysa doesn't like to leave without blocking the door.
Chapters 13 & 14
(47 minutes together)
Dreysa and Tuck are immediately joined by Vhulf, who insists they accompany him to the City of the Danaan to consult with Asmod. The tunnels do, in fact, lead all the way out under the mountains, which pleases Vhulf greatly. But Dreysa wants only to master air magic.
Chapters 15 & 16
(34 minutes together)
Vhulf hands Dreysa over to Asmod; Tuck manages to disappear. Asmod tries to win Dreysa's cooperation, but Aniya gives the game away. Much against his better judgment, Tuck attempts a rescue.
Chapters 17 & 18
(36 minutes together)
Alas, Dreysa still can't resist Vhulf. But he is mostly concerned about Aniya, who has decided to betray Asmod--and wants him to help her!
Chapters 19 & 20
(36 minutes together)
Zhravig did not keep the bandywight because he was an animal lover. It seems the creature can work magic. But Aniya interferes. Tuck fetches Dreysa in the hope she can rescue Zhravig. Of course, Asmod can't allow that!
Chapter 21
(27 minutes)
The thrilling conclusion, with a magical duel you will never forget!